Identical Karma is part of the next generation of music that can be compared to groups such as The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, and many more. With a diverse range of styles from Blues, Jazz, and Rock to Bluegrass, Identical Karma is a band determined to add an original sound to the Jam Band scene. Although Identical Karma is an original group, they tend to work in a few cover tunes for the crowd to enjoy! The band is composed of (pictured right to left): Aaron Lambert Lead Guitar / Vocals / Song Writer, Josh Ogden Bass / Vocals / Song Writer, Brendon Swaffield Rhythm Guitar Vocals, and Matt Price Percussion

Aaron Lambert: From Massillon Ohio, Aaron Lambert has been exposed to music all of his life. Being in such a broad musical family from both his mother and fathers side. Ranging from styles such as Classic Rock, Blues, and Jazz, there is no doubt that music is his first love. Along with playing lead guitar, Aaron contributes to Identical Karma's original catalog of songs. Aaron has been known to play with a number of local musicians in the northeast Ohio area.

Josh Ogden: From Canton Ohio, Josh Ogden started out playing percussion and eventually migrated to acoustic guitar and bass guitar. Josh started out with the band Bury the Wheel which then branched out to form Identical Karma. Josh contributes a great amount of material for Identical Karma's original catalog of songs.

Nathan Yoder: Has just joined us as our new drummer! More information soon!

Jason Harris: Has just joined us as our occasional sax player!